How do we write ?

The question is how we write,not why we write.Probably it has something to  do with the process.I look at writing as the process of forming and re-forming ideas because it is while writing that a majority of the ideas begin to form ,evolve and grow into bigger ideas and thought movements. The logical process within takes a concrete shape while words are being formed .This can be evident from a stopping in -between while words are forming when suddenly you realise that you have reached a point which was far away from your starting point.You begin to realise that you have reached certain recesses of your thinking which you never thought had existed in your mind.



I look at death as cessation of consciousness , the subject experiencer becoming a part of the object that is experienced. Looked at this way death does not mean obliteration but only an extension of the subject’s existence. I look at death in yet another perspective.A person who is born becomes an Idea in Time and continues to exist as an Idea even after death.Thus all those who had lived and died before us are not obliterated but remain rooted in existence although they have ceased to exist in space.

What brings meaning to life?

Somebody has said that a toaster has a meaning to its life which is derived from its function i.e. toasting. If that is so , the meaning to our life comes from the function it performs . Only the question is meaning for whom ? If the meaning is derived from its role in some grand design by being a part of some Big Picture, it makes some sense .But one is not sure if such a Grand Design exists and even if it exists whether our life has any role in it. if that is the case , the meaning can perhaps be derived from the function it performs for itself .In such a case ,human life has a purpose in all it does which may perhaps have to do with the perpetuation of the human existence.Alternatively ,human life may ,for some inexplicable reasons,be interested to achieve its full potential .In the achievement of the full potential lies the motivating factor for the individual to strive towards perfection and therein lies the meaning to its existence.

All that is no doubt a lot of speculation. One is not really sure if the individual really strives to bring some meaning to his existence.Does it really matter to human life whether there is some meaning to it? The theory that our actions flow from the script of some unknown cosmic drama that is unfolding without our knowledge is tempting indeed.At least it panders to our egos to believe that we are at least a bit player on the Big Stage.