Freedom of choice

While talking about freedom we refer to the options available to us to pursue what we want to.Thus if three options are available out of which at least one is what we want to pursue you have the freedom of choice.Freedom of choice means the freedom to do a thing in preference to something else.But freedom also means the freedom not do a thing. A drug user may not be wanting to take drugs and must be preferring to be a poet or a professor instead but at the same time he wants the drug and so when it comes to the freedom of choice , do we say that he has the perfect freedom because if he is taking the drug it is out of his own free will and if he is not, he is exercising the freedom not to take the drug? The ambiguity here is he wants to do two things at the same time – the option to take drugs and the option to move away from addiction -both of which are contradictory. It only underlines the fact that choices depend upon what you intensely desire and what you desire less intensely .Our head spins and we do not actually know what we want intensely and much of our problem arises out of this ambivalence . 


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