The world is not magic

There is no way of proving once and for all that the world is not magic; all we can do is point to an extraordinarily long and impressive list of formerly-mysterious things that we were ultimately able to make sense of. There’s every reason to believe that this streak of successes will continue, and no reason to believe it will end. If everyone understood this, the world would be a better place.

The world is not magic. The world follows patterns, obeys unbreakable rules. We never reach a point, in exploring our universe, where we reach an ineffable mystery and must give up on rational explanation; our world is comprehensible, it makes sense.

Cosmic Variance


Creative Thinking

  • Chunk in creative thinking

    A chunk is a piece of information that you can view as a single thing .Chunking up is go find the generality from the specific.-what is this instance of . Chunking down is to go from the generality to the specific. Chunking up is done through inductive reasoning while chunking down is done through deductive reasoning. Ask why -is for chunking up .Ask how is for chunking down.


  • Chunking

    While redesigning a table ,I chunk up looking at  it as a supporting device .Chunking down I look at the chair attached to table,stool,floor etc.



Creative Thinking

  • Essence:

    Chunk up to find the essence of a problem.What is the heart of the problem ? Now you chunk down to find situations where the same essence appears. I want to make the airport lounges more interesting. I identify the essence as waiting. A similar situation is a doctor’s waiting room.In the doctor’s waiting room there are many things to read , a T.V., an electronic display etc. Try to put similar things in the airport.


“The scream” by Edward Munch

“The Scream” by Edward Munch

The scream here is  a shout from the existential angst of humankind . There is fire and water behind and you have already crossed the large part of the bridge .The fire is not what you are confronted with as it is behind you but the terror of your future at the end of the bridge .It is the hopelessness of the situation ,the meaninglessness of a landscape which you are trying to relate to and become part of but suddenly realize the futility of it. No matter how much you shout ,you are not heard and your scream merely echoes in the vast wild wastes of your existence .


Free Will

    An interesting question is :if only man has free will and has evolved from an animal which is not supposed to have free will ,it is supposed to have developed at some evolutionary stage .Of course, one never knows if man has free will at all because what we think is free will may have been a part of the grand design and it is likely that we are acting the way we are merely because we are being prompted to act that way. That is a side -issue. An interesting idea is the difference in the way the desires function in the animals and in human beings -while both animals and humans have the same set of primary desires viz:food,sex etc. the animals are different in that they have no secondary desires-the desire to desire a particular thing e.g.the desire to desire to go to the opera or the desire not to desire cigarettes etc. According to this idea of Harry Frankfurt, free will requires the second order desires of the above kind .Animals have only desires of the first order .sex etc.


Do more words mean more thoughts, newer vistas of thinking hitherto unexplored ? Yes .Words are not mere semantics. Words are related to the reality and as words grow the touch with reality expands ,unlocking several newer thoughts. What is usually thought is it is thoughts first and words later. Here is a possibility of the words coming first and then thoughts. It is not necessary that thoughts precede words .Some times it is words which anticipate thought and lead up to it.
An interesting thought is the way poetry expresses thought :

“Poetry involves the choice of ‘wrong’ words, sparking on fortuitous juxtaposition, aroused and charged with tangent powers.Poetcraft breaks the dusty rules of grammar, it seems to distort the language; but, in fact, awakens it, rejuvenates it.The poet’s voice suffers from lapsus linguae : a delightful imbalance.It transforms earthly lies into meaningful axioms.” (Rajendra Panda)

What a practitioner of poetry here says is  that poetry is  choice of words which is not necessarily deliberate, but a fortuitous juxtaposition ! Poetry distorts the language and breaks grammar. It transforms earthly lies into meaningful axioms .Wonderful . Back to words. Words are not symbols of premeditated thought but have a status of their own in terms of their power to trigger thoughts.


“I am nobody…”by Emily Dickinson

I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there’s a pair of us — don’t tell!
They’d banish us, you know.
How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog.

How dreary to be somebody ! It is so public to be a frog -in-the-bog where you croak all day long to the  bog who is the only listener.