We often see a keyword used in identifying topics in the body of the knowledge on the internet or bringing ideas together in order to build up on them as a base for further knowledge-creation .Similar is the use of the tags which are used for recognising possible topics for aggregation and exploration of other interesting possibilities arising out of such aggregation. I have found that often a keyword crops up by itself in my life which lasts for a short time frame of three or four days and somehow everything significant that happens or is talked about during that time frame revolves around that keyword.

It is like this. For example, a week ago I spent an enjoyable time in the Kumarakom lake resort and one of the keywords then was “cormorant”, the Indian water bird fairly common in the Kerala backwaters. The birds were indeed worth watching and photographing in their perches on poles erected by the fishermen in the lagoon .The way they sat on the poles in a single file they looked like being there as though they were designed by the tourist department as show-pieces for showing off the fauna of the country. The keyword throughout my four-day stay there was “cormorant” .After my return to Hyderabad the keyword seemed to have gone to the background and before it completely vanished in the attic of my mind another keyword was expected to be in place . Yesterday evening I happened to go to the Durgam lake in the city and as it worked out we sailed around in a paddle-boat and the keyword came back again –“cormorant”. I could take some close shots of groups of the black birds perched on the rocks in the middle of the lake. Today I thought about the possibility of the same keyword continuing for some more time before a new one takes over. Looks like, another keyword is on the cards.

Today the word “violate” is coming at me again and again. I hope it will not be my keyword for the near future.


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