It is not the tree who started the wind

The question about the wind that bothered me as a child was whether the tree started it all. We used to think the tree has something to do with the formation of the wind. The next doubt that followed was if the tree started it ,whether it would shake and move by itself and stir up the atmosphere to create the wind  like the hand fan.It was only later that it occurred to us that it is not the hand fan which created the wind but it merely caused the disturbance in the atmosphere , a temporary difference in the air pressures leading to the moving air ,which is the wind. But the tree is not doing a similar thing.The tree is merely shaking due to the wind as it passes through its foliage.

Here is a case where knowledge disappoints.We love our trees to shake and  create the wind .We want them not to helplessly shake and shiver when the wind comes.We want them to take the law in their hands. Because the pipal tree near our house creates ripples of music at night as the wind passes and we like to believe that it is the tree which creates the wind. This is what suits us to believe ,whatever science says.

The pipal tree near our house whistled at the passing wind
At the street-corner the neem tree trembled with pleasure.

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