Law and morality

The question is asked whether law and morality are branches of the same form of social coercion practiced for the  achieving of an acceptable behavior.Actually ,law and morality are different branches of social coercion.Sometimes the actions of the individual are judged in terms of what is law rather than what is allowable morally.Morality is supposed to be meant for the purpose of ensuring the continued survival of the society and encompasses a much larger scope for social coercion than law which is purely a compliance with rules formed for the smooth running of the society and is much more restrictive in scope.
Both law and morality raise much deeper questions like the need for the social coercion practiced behind their implementation. Is the human society acting to implement a code of conduct for its members in order to ensure the continued survival of the society ? If that is so , what is the motivation behind such an enforcement ? Is that altruism or a moralistic concern for the society’s continued survival ?


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