Beauty and duty

“Bonjour, I am considered an attractive 26 year old woman. I have at
times been asked to model but never have. I find our culture’s
obsession with beauty unappealing and it has led me to sort of play
down my beauty in dress. Should I be worried or at least conscious of
society and its issues around beauty? Or should I just strive to be themost beautiful I can be, disregarding other things, purely for the sake
of aesthetics?”

An interesting response has come that there is a duty cast on the beautiful people to please others and enhance themselves that way in the interest of the general wellness of the

Polemics apart,the questioner herself says she is considered attractive – a fact that she does not seem to care much but in fact pretends she does not care much.Deep within she seems to feel gratified by the so called public admiration of her looks but the “intellectual” in her does not approve of it and hence the conflict.That is how it looks like . But that is not important.How does she conclude that her beauty pleases everyone if we define beauty as a quality which pleases. I really do not believe that there is an absolute quality about things which pleases in terms of aesthetic value.This keeps changing from social and cultural perspectives and I do not see any single judgment from all cultural backgrounds which suggests an agreement.


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