The creative process

An interesting question is if an infinite number of monkeys were at an number of typewriters,would the works of Shakespeare eventually come out( .Velleman  seems to think so .He has calculated the probability of 1 for an infinite number of monkeys. Of course the assumption here is that there is a preciseness and identifiability of the work to be produced which can be recognised as the same as Shakespeare’s. Is’nt there something about an artistic work which does not carry identifiability with a similar work by anybody else ?
This brings us to the good old question of the difference in the logical processes leading to a creative work and those that lead to a scientific discovery.In the processes that lead to scientific discovery the thought process can be easily simulated and duplicated ,if necessary .This is because the processes lead to a clearly defined logical path which will probably lead to the same conclusion, whoever has followed the path. A similar thing does not necessarily happen in the creative process in which each artist contributes his unique vision which cannot be simulated or replicated by another artist.


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