What does the mind do in case it gets into a loop?

I have come across this interesting question in Askphilosophers.org.

A comparison is made between a computer programme and our own mind’s working.Here it is not even a comparison but assuming that the mind works like the computer an attempt is made to understand the possibility of the mind suffering from a similar limitation that a typical computer programme suffers from.We are talking about the “error out” situations when the computer sometimes embraces the blue screen of death and terminates the programme that is running at that moment. In such situations what does the mind do ? Does the mind get into endless loops refusing to move ahead with the job on hand ? Of course whatever happens has necessarily to be a short term phenomenon and the termination of the programme may not lead to a permanent inability to run the programme but the current job is lost.

One of the answerers has talked about the availability of different modules and the temporary incapacitation of one module will limit the damage to the particular module or lead to another module taking over its functioning.

Here is something that comes to my mind . I am involved in a series of short term dialogues with different people and all the while I am wrestling with the inner logic to arrive somewhere .I pursue a train of thought aided by words and going along in uncharted areas of thought  not knowing where the argument is ending up.I come into fascinating new areas the existence of which I have been entirely unaware .I keep hearing the drone of the inner logic entirely mesmerised and go on undisturbed by the tiny inconsistencies creeping up with the hope that the bigger wave of logical totality will come and wash away the  tiny pebbles .Very often such a thing happens on conclusion but some times I do get into a loop or a freeze of thought I have necessarily to cover up in order to make sense to the audience. Here I am confronted by something like a creative block , a paralysed state of mind which refuses to proceed further.

In such situations the argument gets cut short and no conclusions are drawn -something like what the computer programme does in “error out” situations.


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