Ethics and morality 

The difference between morality and ethics is wafer-thin but nevertheless exists .The rules governing our conduct in the society as also our individual lives insofar as they impact on our perceived well-being and that of the future generations may perhaps be called loosely ‘morality’ .Ethics is a much larger concept involving what is right and wrong from a much larger perspective.Perhaps what we call altruism is present in ethics while morality is much narrower in scope. It is not morally right to kill in our private lives but patriotism has been used to justify killing : this is a moral issue .Whether it is right to kill anybody irrespective of their belonging to our group or any other group like race, country etc. becomes an ethical issue.

Jingoism is practiced by leaders playing on people’s narrower concerns to mobilise people power .The Americans were told during the Iraq misadventure that it was necessary for America to save itself from destruction by the elimination of the supposed WMD’s of Iraq. The "moral" concerns of the people were successfully exploited to garner people’s support and it is only a few liberal thinkers who could overcome the subtle propaganda unleashed by the State and think of much larger ethical concerns.


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