Do more words mean more thoughts, newer vistas of thinking hitherto unexplored ? Yes .Words are not mere semantics. Words are related to the reality and as words grow the touch with reality expands ,unlocking several newer thoughts. What is usually thought is it is thoughts first and words later. Here is a possibility of the words coming first and then thoughts. It is not necessary that thoughts precede words .Some times it is words which anticipate thought and lead up to it.
An interesting thought is the way poetry expresses thought :

“Poetry involves the choice of ‘wrong’ words, sparking on fortuitous juxtaposition, aroused and charged with tangent powers.Poetcraft breaks the dusty rules of grammar, it seems to distort the language; but, in fact, awakens it, rejuvenates it.The poet’s voice suffers from lapsus linguae : a delightful imbalance.It transforms earthly lies into meaningful axioms.” (Rajendra Panda)

What a practitioner of poetry here says is  that poetry is  choice of words which is not necessarily deliberate, but a fortuitous juxtaposition ! Poetry distorts the language and breaks grammar. It transforms earthly lies into meaningful axioms .Wonderful . Back to words. Words are not symbols of premeditated thought but have a status of their own in terms of their power to trigger thoughts.



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