My little sticky notes

I keep writing my sticky notes
notes that do not stick long
small talk is all that takes place
some rancid jokes ,some witticisms
nostalgic memories,some pain
somebody down there connects
trying to make pitiful small talk
you talking about mercedes benz
a certain chinese driver sleeping
the fragrant harbour is smelly
slit eyes do not the world make
just then the poets in the hall of fame
a certain jussawalla is not my model
do I look like Asterix ,of course
not in a comic manner, sister says
asterix is comically funny ,basically
what happened to his pride of hair
he looking like a jelly bean now
the rain is happening now and then
we see off the guests after belching
and red and bloody mary and tango
the tango made you sick in the tum
and at the dead of the night turning
do you remember he drove his old fiat
every day hit a cow or two ,ha ha
but not the same cow every day
when he was not hitting cows
he made it a point to hit pillars
he was a demolition man,this man
yellowed sticky notes for today,these..


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