Beauty in art


Beauty in art is a confusing concept meaning different things to different people.People who find beauty in surrealistic art or abstract painting may have a higher sense of beauty than those who appreciate kitsche -but one never knows.If beauty is regarded as a quality in art which gives pleasure to the viewer ,kitsche should also qualify as art because it does give pleasure to certain viewers.If on the other hand we regard beauty as an absolute quality inherent in the object of art which gives pleasure only to a select few who can appreciate it better either because of better skills or academic training or a better critical faculty, then beauty is not the pleasure that anybody gets from a work of art. But this is restricting the use of the word ‘beauty’. A parallel can be drawn between beauty of an art object and female beauty in this regard. The Western ideas of female beauty differ so vastly from the Indian ideas and we can’t say a particular woman in Europe is more beautiful or less beautiful than an Indian woman . If beauty cannot be defined that way ,one would like to define beauty in terms of its inherent qualities like symmetry, proportion,elegance of form etc.which give a genuine pleasure to the viewer,whatever may be his background.


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