If you enjoy violence in video games ,are you naturally violent ?


The question raised here is whether somebody’s enjoying a violent game would run the risk of carrying the attitude of enjoying such violence to real life. Simulation in a game -does it necessarily mean that the person who enjoys it as a game will later turn out to be one who loses his sensitivity to the moral or human issue when it comes to real life ? Some people believe that while fantasising about raping a woman it is possible to delink oneself from the underlying attitude .In other words you can fantasise about raping a woman and it is not necessary that you would actually rape a woman in real life. I believe that if you enjoy violence in a game there is definitely a possibility that that you may lose the sensitivity to the underlying ethical issues and when you actually come across such violence in real life you will not be shocked enough to feel strongly about the issue .Police brutality is a case in point .We often find that people who have very often come across such incidents tend to merely wish them away or look the other way because over a period of time a certain desensitisation has set in. –



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