Do I have to feel significant after death?


"People sometimes talk of how, when a butterfly flaps its wings, it generates tiny currents in the air around it, which lead to others, and those in turn to others; until finally, six months later, a mighty hurricane rages on the other side of the world — a hurricane which, but for that humble butterfly, would never have arisen. But, of course, this is not peculiar to butterflies. We all do it, every one of us, all the time. Whether through some great flash of genius, or some more idle and ostensibly inconsequential action, or even just an involuntary bodily twitch, we affect the world around us at every moment of our lives. Sometimes in big ways; sometimes in small ways; and sometimes in tiny ways that lead to enormous effects, effects that we could never have planned or predicted. And maybe some of these effects (like the hurricane) will be dreadful. But others will be wonderful. And they will continue to make themselves felt in the world long after we ourselves have been entirely forgotten."

 No man is an island and ask not for whom the bell tolls .Everything that happens in the world can have an impact on something else in a most inconceivable fashion , just like the butterfly flapping its wings here and stirring the wind which causes a storm in another part of the world after six months. So if we feel insignificant here and now because we will not matter to the world after we leave it we are not entirely on the right track.We cannot be insignificant as the web that connects everything in the world including us cuts across time and space in a manner not visible to us on the outside.The web continues even after us and into the future just like the butterfly’s flapping causes the storm on another space in time much after the butterfly is dead.  – 

"The other way of allaying the feeling of utter insignificance involves undermining the idea that, to be significant, something must continue to matter. I think you need this, because you cannot realistically hope that the environment or animal species or any other things human beings might promote will last forever. You should rethink then the idea that, to be significant, something must continue to be accessible and to mean something to intelligent beings forever."

Here there is an assumption that one must feel significant in terms of what happens even after one’s death. Is it really necessary to feel signicant ? Can we not stop thinking about making significant additions to the world when we leave it ? How does it matter to me now when I am alive that I continue to matter to the world after my death? –


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