Rationale Thoughts

The blogger says mathematics does not necessarily sharpen your logical faculties in a way to improve logical thought in any subject.That is what is thought to be true by many who propound the theory that reasoning is somewhat like a muscle and the more you stretch it and use it the greater the logical skills achievement.

My own perception is that mathematics perhaps calls for different skills than most other subjects which use logic as a vehicle for abstact thought. For example , students who do exceptionally well in Mathematics are not all the time very bright in other subjects and likewise students who are exceptionally brilliant in subjects requiring language skills ,abstract thought,reasoning  are not very bright when it comes to Maths. This is not to say that maths does not use logic or reasoning .Only a different system of logic calling for an entirely different skillset. Maths does not have a tolerance for ambivalence with its emphasis on precision while in most of the humanities abstract thinking necessarily calls for a capacity for ambivalence. In fact ,in most abstract thought long patches of unexplained “leapfrogging” occur calling for a specialised training  in order to make sense out of them.There is a certain amount of haze around objects which changes in its tone and shape depending upon the training and experience of the student.


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