Mathematics as a tool to model the world

The question is asked of how mathematics ,which is supposed to be a “precise” affair accommodates ’rounding off or down”.The question , by itself ,does not generate much discussion but some points do emerge. First of all ,what is mathematics is itself a very comprehensive thing ranging from numbers and figures (which is what leads to the “precise” definition of mathematics) ,statistics which are not a matter of the precise,geometry which does not deal with numbers etc.etc. Secondly ,mathematics can be used as a tool for modellling the world and understanding the inter-relationship between different things of the world. In geometry we understand the relationship between different forms and shapes by representing them as mathematical quantities.This concerns the engineer who builds edifices ,the manufacturer who builds machines and virtually everybody who makes something ,however unimportant it may be,as long as it involves design. Our world view has to be necessarily supported by an understanding of the mathematical relationship of different components that make up the world. Statistics deals with the behavior of the aggregates in a manner which gives us a handle to deal with gross numbers representing large number of people and things.



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