Does the future exist in a knowable form ?

Does the future exist in any knowable fashion?If so can it be known in any absolute way ?If not why do so many people believe it can ?

The future exists no doubt but can it exist in a knowable fashion is the question. To begin with ,the past and the present exist and the future has necessarily to exist as continuum of the present.But there is no certainty of the future existing as a projection of the present because one is not sure of the existence itself. That brings to the question of whether Time can cease to exist because only if Time exists can future continue to exist. Time is the framework within which all space has to exist together with all that exists in space. If time can exist without  space (for example there is no universe) then future can exist without being tied up to space. Space defines the  existence and provides a referential framework for Time.(whatever happened to space is past ,happening now is the present and will happen is the future).Without space Time is continuous and is not broken into the divisions of the past,the present and the future. In that case there is no distinct identity of the future ,which means the future does not exist and is not in a knowable form.


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