Creative thinking


Purposing is a simple technique, but it can be very powerful in creating an effective focus for the creative work.

Ask ‘What is it for?’

The basic principle of purposing is to return to asking the real purpose. So ask, ‘What is it for?’ Seek the reason behind what you are trying to do.

How it works

It is surprising how often, in the rush to find a solution, that people fail to pay sufficient attention to understanding the real problem. This principle is also seen in examination halls, where generations of students have failed exams not through a lack of knowledge, but a failure to read the question.”

Very often we find that we have started out stating a particular purpose and mid-way through ,have found out a different purpose .Apparently we did not have a clear focus and in the process lost the purpose. Whether we have achieved anything or not is not clear because we do not have a clear idea of what we have wanted to achieve.


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