Hunger is quiet violence: Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen’s book The Argumentative Indian does not talk about  solutions to India’s poverty but about what makes India the democracy it is-the noisy ,colourful,chaotic democracy exists because Indians have a great capacity to argue !

An interesting point  emerges that this peculiar characteristic of the average Indian is what makes India a vibrant democracy.You can spot this pronounced trait in Kerala and West Bengal –the tendency to reject ideas straightway without subjecting them to scrutiny and assuming an intellectual oneupsmanship in everything that you do. The newspapers provide the basic grist to the arguments mill and the arguments begin early in the morning and go on into the afternoon. Nothing is sacrosanct and nobody is a holy cow.No two persons in the street agree on anything on any day and they resume the conversation the following day without arriving at a conclusion.Go into any Kerala town and you will find groups of people on the road debating politics without ever reaching a consensus.


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